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In order to embroider a logo onto garments we have to digitise the image so that it can be

read and used by our embroidery machines.


This service has a one-off cost of £18.


Once we have a logo digitised we will have it forever, and can reproduce it on any future

orders without any extra fee.


You can arrange for us to digitise a logo online below. To send us your image fill in the

online form (link below). If you spoke to us instore and placed an order of 20 or more

items then you don't need to do anything else. If you need to pay the fee, after completion of the form, click the buy now button and complete your purchase with PayPal. We will not process any images unless they have been paid for or we have arranged to pay for it.


Once sent to us, it is usually digitised within two working days. We will then be able to embroider it onto any garments.







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